We are the Southeast’s only flat roof specialist contractor

Dempsey Roofing provides high-end specifications and membranes to architects, developers and commercial building owners. We ensure correct specification, installation and attention to detail to provide the best solution for all projects. We use only high-quality materials and expert craftmanship to ensure our work is second to none.


High Performance Felt Roofing

With membranes from the worlds leading manufacturers we can offer a complete waterproofing system for every project. Our services range from a single layer of waterproofing overlaid over existing waterproofing, to providing a complete new build up of vapour barrier, thermal insulation and two layers of waterproofing.  We supply a one-stop service for all your waterproofing needs, from the membranes to insulation, rainwater outlets and edge trims.

We were the first in Ireland to use polymer modified asphalt which is now the industry standard for high end specification.

Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt has long been the most successful water proofing material. Dempsey Roofing are contractors for mastic asphalt for roofing, flooring and tanking. We only use Trinidad lake based mastic asphalt for all our work.

Mastic asphalt flooring is also available. This is ideal as a surface which can be laid, and covered with a floor covering the same day, which is perfect for renewing an old floor without any time delay.

Mastic asphalt tanking can be used for the waterproofing underground of basements, cellars etc.

Our client list includes:

Office of Public Works
Dept of Education
Image E.S.B.
South Eastern Health Board
Eastern Health Board
Wexford County Council

Wicklow VEC
Mcinerney Construction
P.J. Hegeraty & Sons
Bowen Construction
ImageCarbery Construction
Richard Howlin Contracting

OCM Construction
Richard Brown & Sons
Marriott Hotel Druids Glen
Talbot Hotels Group
Tower Hotels
Carlton Hotel Group
Pettitts Supermarkets